Tuesday, August 30, 2011

International Tempranillo Day – September 1

TAPAS (Tempranillo Advocates Producers and Amigos Society) announces the first International Tempranillo Day, September 1, 2011: A celebration of the Tempranillo grape with all its regional synonyms.  Tempranillo, indigenous to Spain and used in the great Rioja and Ribera del Duero wines, is planted in 500,000 acres of the world’s vineyards, making it the fourth most planted wine grape, and that would be enough to celebrate.

Until recently, this noble grape’s entire acreage was almost all grown in Spain. Perhaps others were confused by the 60 or more regional synonyms for Tempranillo, which in itself may be a record worth celebrating.

But things have changed: knowledge of this noble grape is rapidly spreading, creating excitement and a spirit of cooperation among adventurous vintners bringing this Old World variety to New World soils. Tempranillo today is grown in many more countries including the United States, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, France, Portugal, Turkey, Canada, China, Thailand, and more. And that’s why there is now International Tempranillo Day.

There are some great events coming up this week for the First Annual International Tempranillo Day on September 1.  The festivities actually begin Wednesday night, August 31, with the following:
  • Lodi Progressive Dinner - Check out the menu - you don't want to miss this celebration with 7 different Tempranillos from the Lodi area, paired with 7 different small plates at local restaurants. Start at Cellar Door in Lodi, CA, and then walk to School St. Bistro, Rosewood, and Crush Kitchen to enjoy more food and wine. 5:15 pm, August 31.
  • Septempranillo in Paso Robles - A panel discussion and sit-down tasting of Tempranillo, with tapas, at Thomas Hill Organics Market Bistro and Wine Bar in Paso Robles, CA - 5:30-7:15 pm, September 1.  Click the link - this menu looks pretty tasty, too!  
  • TempFest in Winters, CA - A citywide celebration running from September 1 through Labor Day weekend, with events at local wineries, shops and restaurants.
  • Vertical Tasting at Abacela in Roseburg, OR - A vertical style tasting of library Tempranillos, including Abacela’s 1997 Estate Tempranillo, which is thought to be the first commercial bottling of 100% varietal Tempranillo produced in America in the modern era, starting at 1:00 pm on September 1.
  • Special Tasting of Tempranillo at Jarvis, Napa, CA - In the cave at Jarvis, by appointment only (1-800-255-5280 ext. 150), September 1. 
  • Wine Tasting at Joe Monkey-Chimps Hangout Wine & Martini Bar, Roseburg, OR - C'mon down and try some fabulous Tempranillo wine!  500 SE Cass St., Roseburg, OR - (541) 679-5444, from 6-8 pm on September 1.
For more information visit:  www.internationaltempranilloday.com

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