Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dutcher Crossing field-blended Zinfandel from Dry Creek Valley

Dutcher Crossing Winery has released the 2009 Bernier-Sibary Vineyard Zinfandel made from a field blend of Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Carignane and Matero (Mourvedre) picked and fermented together.  “Jane and Scott Sibary have partnered their 5-acre hillside property in northern Dry Creek Valley with legendary grape grower Paul Bernier according to Dutcher Crossing winemaker Kerry Damskey.  They created a unique site growing organically dry-farmed Zinfandel intermixed with 25 percent of the other varieties.  Dutcher Crossing loves this mix that results in a wine that is definitely Zinfandel, but with wonderful nuances from the other varietals.

Debra Mathy, proprietor of Dutcher Crossing and winemaker Kerry Damskey are both proponents of blends and produce limited selections from unique hillside sites such as Bernier-Sibary. “At Dutcher Crossing Winery, we are perfecting the art of innovative blending and small-lot winemaking,” said Debra.

The Bernier-Sibary Vineyard is usually one of the last Zinfandel vineyards to harvest in Dry Creek Valley.  The Matero and Carignane reach maturity later than the Zinfandel and Petite Sirah resulting in these wines being on the riper side and giving the wine a nice berry character, more elegant than a normal Zinfandel. 

The 2009 Bernier-Sibary Zinfandel has a dark rich color. On the nose you will enjoy the maraschino cherry flavors with a bit of a chocolate quality.  On the palate the cherry comes through with black fruits, raspberry and an earthiness from the Petite Sirah and Mataro.  You will detect spices of cinnamon, and a bit of clove.  It is suggested that you let this wine air for a bit before tasting to have these flavors reach their peak. This blend delivers a long, satisfying finish.  This would pair nicely with a meal of honey glazed BBQ.  The suggested price is $39.

Dutcher Crossing Winery in the heart of Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma County is not only a great place to sample quality that you expect from this wine region, but also a great place to spend some time in this valley. The winery has a nice picnic area where you can gander over this lush valley while tasting these wines. They also offer a vineyard tour to learn more about what goes on to produce these wines.

The wines of Dutcher Crossing include their estate wines and also grapes from select vineyards throughout the valley. Debra Mathy is an adventurer and loves to tell you about her journey towards becoming the proprietor of Dutcher Crossing. She developed her passion for wine during her studies in Europe. Her dream was to own a winery and in 2007 she purchased Dutcher Crossing in the prime growing region of Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma County.

Debra is an athlete and an avid cyclist, owning a unicycle, eight bicycles and a 1900’s high wheeler that was a gift from her dad shortly before he passed on. This same high wheeler is the symbol of Dutcher Crossing and is found on their labels and foil cap. With the help of winemaker Kerry Damskey their passion for wine shows in their wines which have been winning awards for years.

For more information:  Dutcher Crossing Winery

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