Saturday, August 15, 2015

Dante Robere Vineyards opens new tasting room in Livermore

Dante Robere Vineyards opened their new tasting room at 1200 Wetmore Road in Livermore over the weekend of July 18-19. This, the newest tasting room in Livermore, is a beautiful structure along the Livermore Valley wine trail, across from the entrance to the Sycamore Grove Park on one side and surrounded by Syrah vineyards on the other. There is plenty of room around the U-shaped wine bar in the center of the building plus an expansive outdoor patio facing the park. There is also a quiet patio behind the building exclusively for Cellar Dwellers Wine Club Members.

Dan Rosenberg and Bob Bossi have been friends for over three decades as well as fans of great wine. After Dan moved to Livermore Valley in 2003 the passion for wine grew with visits to small family-run wineries. Soon this passion took the next step as Dan planted a small Zinfandel vineyard in his backyard and they became home winemakers. As the passion developed the worked with other local winemakers to expand their skills in winemaking and began to consider turning this passion into a second career. In 2012 they purchased a six acre Syrah vineyard on Wetmore Road where the tasting room is now located and started their own bonded winery. Dante Robere Vineyards came from their names, Dan and Bob. For several years they shared space at Eagle Ridge Vineyard on Tesla Road developing their wine portfolio while facing the daunting task of constructing their winery and weaving through the labyrinth of city and county regulations.

This weekend marks a peak in their long term plans to turn their wine passion into a successful wine business. Bob Bossi states, "This is a great location and a great structure," Their goal is to make wine from Livermore Valley grapes when possible but also seek quality grapes from other areas to produce wines that fit into their wine portfolio. Today they produce a Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Estate Syrah, Estate Zinfandel, Grenache, Barbera, Mourvedre and more. 

The 2013 Syrah Rose is produced from grapes grown just outside the doors of the new winery/tasting room. While it delivers the fresh, light acidity of a Rose, you also will enjoy the distinctive Syrah flavors of fresh strawberry and a touch of spice and pepper. This is a perfect wine for a relaxing summer afternoon.

Two Cellar Rats II is a blend of Syrah, Mourvedre, Zinfandel and Albarino. This is another tasty refreshing summer wine with jammy red fruit flavors and aromas, yet a creamy long finish.

Dante Robere 2012 Syrah uses grapes from their estate vineyard and aged in 100% Hungarian oak barrels for 18 months. It is a distinctive Syrah with a rich purple color and aromas of red and black fruit, smoke and vanilla. As you taste the wine you will enjoy the Syrah flavors of blackberry, black cherry and vanilla with nice spicy overtones.

The 2012 Estate Reserve Syrah takes it to the higher level with aging in French oak barrels for 22 months. The aromas and flavors are dark fruit such as blackberry and plum with a nice overlay of smoke and various spices coming together to a wonderful balance finish with great tannin, fruit and spice.

Stop by the new Dante Robere Vineyards tasting room and meet Dan and Bob and enjoy their wines in their relaxing cool tasting room at 1200 Wetmore Road. 

For more information: Dante Robere Vineyards

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