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Truvee Wines inspired by a story of discovery and sisterhood

Every wine is a product of a variety of factors. In some cases it is the terroir, a French term indicating the influence of geography, geology and climate of a certain place on the wine. In other cases it can be the product of the style of the winemaker, where they learned their craft and how they put those skills into practice. And in some situations it is a complex history of growth, discovery and ambition that winemakers call upon to create a unique and exciting wine.

This is the case of Truvée Wine, two sisters, Robin and Andrea McBride, with the same father but raised separately by different mothers, growing up on two continents, separated by the Pacific Ocean, yet drawn together later in life by a desire to learn about each other and to follow their father’s wish to become a family. They were unknown to each other for most of their lives. 

Robin grew up in Monterey, in the heart of this Central Coast wine growing region. Andrea grew up in her mother’s homeland in Marlborough, New Zealand, where she learned firsthand about the art of grape farming from her uncle. After their father passed away a relative helped the sisters unite for the first time in 1999 at the ages of 16 and 25. After connecting the McBride sisters formed a deep and lasting friendship and discovered their mutual interest in the wine business.

This mutual passion drove them into the negociant business in 2008. Traditionally a negociant is a French term for merchants who purchase grapes, bulk wine or juice from small farmers. The negociant then produces, bottles and markets the wine on a larger scale under the negociant’s label. Robin and Andrea McBride first efforts lead to the creation of “” wines in 2010 from Andrea’s home area of Marlborough New Zealand. The sisters were the first African American sisters to found a wine company and to launch on a digital platform, and the wines were made in the first CarbonNZero certified winery in the world.

In 2015 the McBride Sisters opened their new wine adventure in California, Truvée Winery. The name is derived from the French verb “To Find”, bringing together their story of finding each other after their years of separation and now they wanted a wine that matters.

Truvée bridges the old world and new world, showcasing the terroir of the area where Robin grew up, the California Central Coast. “Truvée embodies the spirit of our story, while naturally reflecting our signature winemaking style. We’ve created a high-quality wine that is approachable and sophisticated,” said Robin McBride. “Truvée stylistically combines old world and new world winemaking philosophies to bring affordable luxury to contemporary wine drinkers, and creates the foundation of our wine company.”

They have selected grapes from some other premium winegrowing regions in the Central Coast including Chalone, Monterey, Edna Valley, San Benito and Paso Robles regions. “We believe our story of empowerment will resonate with women worldwide as they discover the delicious flavors of the Central Coast grapes in their glass of wine. Truvée appeals to the wine lover intrigued by undiscovered and high quality wine, “ stated Andrea McBride. “We’re excited to share our story and amazing wines with wine lovers across the country. And we hope you’ll share a bottle with those who matter to you most.”

With this first release the McBride sisters are partnering with Diageo Chateau & Estate Wines. They have already won silver awards from the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition and the San Diego International Wine Competition.

The 2013 Central Coast Chardonnay is produced from grapes grown in Edna Ranch, Bien Nacido and Chalone winegrowing regions. It is lightly oaked to let the aromas and the flavors of the grapes shine through. You will enjoy the aromas and flavors with a tropical touch of pineapple, pear, citrus and green apple that leads to a long crisp finish with excellent acidity. The price is $15.99 per bottle.

The Truvée 2013 Red Blend is also from the Central Coast and is a blend of Grenache and Syrah. The grapes are from sustainably farmed vineyards in the San Benito, Chalone, Monterey and Paso Robles regions. This is a beautiful, complex with aromas and flavors of dark fruit including blackberry, blueberry, and red cherry with a nice touch of spice and cocoa. The wine has a nice full body and light soft tannins leading to a long, smooth finish. The price is $15.99 per bottle.
These wines can be found in many wine stores throughout California.

Ten percent of those in the wine industry are female winemakers and less than one percent are people of color, two percent of those are women of color. There aren’t a lot women of color, which makes the McBride’s Sisters story even more exceptional.

For more information: Truvée Wines

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